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Assessing, designing, deploying, and monitoring modern cybersecurity services demands a lot of time and expertise. And with hackers attempting an attack every 39 seconds1, organizations can’t afford to put cybersecurity efforts off.

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Codegig’s Cybersecurity Services are designed to assess and mitigate organizations’ security risk and ease the burden of protecting their most critical assets, including data availability and privacy.

Connection offers a variety of cybersecurity services. These include services designed to:

Implement cybersecurity initiatives without overburdening the IT security team.

Make progress in cybersecurity operational goals without straining the IT security department’s operational budget.

Ensure the organization is in compliance with industry regulations or contractual obligations.

Improve the overall security of the organization, helping to reduce the likelihood and impact of breaches.

Why is cyber risk management important?

Protecting your business systems from cyber attacks is essential to:

Avoid unnecessary
costs and loss of time

Maintain business

Avoid repetitional


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Cybersecurity Services Areas

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Security Assessment and Testing

Has your organization taken the time to identify existing security flaws, device and network vulnerabilities, and malicious network activity? If not, Codegig can help. Secure your IT infrastructure with expert guidance from Codegig’s cybersecurity specialists.

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Security Compliance

Codegig provides gap analyses that are targeted at compliance regulations specific to your industry. Get expert help managing your risk and staying in compliance with industry regulations and contractual obligations.

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Managed and Monitored Security Services

Your organization may be prepared to handle security events, but do you need more support to respond faster? Codegig can help by managing events as they happen or implementing technology that will help your security team monitor and identify events that need immediate attention.

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Security Technology Integration

Poorly integrated security solutions from multiple vendors can cause problems. Codegig can identify potential redundancies and inefficiencies before they impact the bottom line. Codegig unifies your stack to reduce the complexity of your technology, freeing up your security experts to focus on bigger issues.

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